Wednesday, January 27, 2010

some random thoughts

Ainsley has a fever this morning and she watching a video about the stillest I have ever seen her sit. Poor girl!

Do you ever have good ideas that flop once you actually do them? I bought one of those three-tiered hanging wire baskets for our kitchen a couple years ago. There's a place to hang it by our sink that I thought would be perfect for our fresh fruits & veggies that don't need to be refrigerated. It's been hanging there since I bought it, but has been nearly empty most of that time. I found that the sun hits the basket through our kitchen window much too often for fresh produce to last very long. Mostly it's been a place where I lazily toss an opened package of cracker or nuts, rather than putting them away. And recently, it has become an eyesore. I'm going to take it down today.

As long as we're talking about that kitchen window area by the sink...I think I'm tired of the current curtains, too. Perhaps it's time for a new window treatment?? Keep an eye out for a before & after post...

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