Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in light of the previous post...

Obviously there are many ways to help in crises like the one in Haiti. These are a few of the options that I have heard about:

Through a CHURCH - our church is taking donations for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), an organization some members are working with in Haiti.

Through a large ORGANIZATION - like The Salvation Army or the Red Cross or Compassion International

Through an ART SHOP - the Craft Hope shop on Etsy is selling donated items from the crafting community in order to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. As of Monday, they had raised over $27,000!!

Through an INDIVIDUAL - a friend of a friend is raising funds to go to Haiti this Spring. She is uniquely situated to go as she's been there before and she is a nurse. Check out her blog!

Most of all, let's pray for all the mommies & daddies, grandpas & grandmas, aunts & uncles, boys & girls, and friends who are hurting in Haiti - and for all those who helping & serving them.

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Shantel said...

Another organization that has caught my attention is Churches Helping Churches (, it was started in response to the crisis in Haiti to help the church. It was started by two pastors I deeply respect. They went to Haiti a few days after the quake. Here is a link to a Mark Driscoll's sermon this past Sunday... it's basically a documentary of their trip and the condition of the church.
( I guess it helped me put things in perspective a little bit and helped align my heart more with God's church as a whole, including His church (His people) in Haiti.