Thursday, May 27, 2010

Towel to Poolside Robe & Swimsuit Giveaway

Just in time for Memorial Day, Kathleen from Grosgrain posted a tutorial on how to turn a beach towel into a simple robe/cover up. I have been wanting a swim suit cover up and just haven't found the right one for the right price. So, I decided to try hers. At Walmart the other day, I found a $4 towel in a pretty turquoise and I got to work last night. It was a pretty simple & quick project. I didn't have enough of one size elastic so I sewed two sizes together to get the right length. So far it's working fine, but I may have issues with the elastic rolling inside the casing. I also didn't have iron on Velcro, so my plan was to use sew on Velcro. I realized too late into it that I would have needed to sew the Velcro on at an earlier step (before sewing the casing closed). After Ainsley went to bed, I made a quick trip to JoAnn for the iron on kind. Like Kathleen, I like it better without straps, so I didn't make them. I don't have any pictures of the finished product, so you'll have to look at Kathleen's photos to get an idea of what is looks like. By the way, aren't she and her daughter SO cute in their polka dot suits?!?

If you're looking for a cover up, you should really try this one!

While you're on Kathleen's blog, check out the Swimsuit Giveaway from Shabby Apple!! Shabby Apple Queensland Swimsuit Giveaway

I'm getting so excited for Memorial Day at the pool with good friends and yummy food!!

What are your Memorial Day plans?