Friday, May 30, 2008

Coupons That Actually Save Money

I am all about saving money. I scour the ads to find the great deals, laboriously clip the coupons, and even put the necessary ones in my wallet before I head to the store. The problem is, I almost always forget to give them to the cash register attendant when I'm checking out! Coupons certainly don't do much good sitting in my wallet as I get in the car and drive back home. Sometimes, I figure that it doesn't matter that much, I'll just use the coupons next time. Yesterday was the rare time when it was imperative that I use the coupon. I had seen Target's ad which had a coupon for a $10 Target gift card when you get a new prescription filled. It was perfect because I had a new prescription from the doctor, and I wanted a new pharmacy. However, had I not possessed a coupon, I would have filled the prescription at Walmart because that's where I do my grocery shopping, and as a result most of my other shopping. Since Ainsley was born, I've learned to consolidate trips as much as possible! Carrying her in and out of stores gets very tiring!
But alas, I completely spaced when the pharmacy dude asked if I wanted him to ring up all of my items. I guess that threw me off because I did not give him my $1.50 off kitty litter coupon or my get-a-free-$10-gift-card-coupon.

I realized my blunder after arriving home, but couldn't turn around then and it didn't work out to return the rest of the day. Instead, Ainsley and I headed off this morning hoping for favor from the Customer Service representatives. I think they would have liked to help me; there were four women working on it and trying several different options. They gave me a $1.50 for the kitty litter coupon, but they just couldn't swing the $10 gift card. They couldn't return the prescription and then re-sell it because that's unethical (I guess) and also because it would look like they were giving out more pills than they're getting paid for. I couldn't argue too much with that because Heath & I have a friend who is a pharmacist and I would hate for him to get in trouble for something like this. Still, it was quite a bummer. I walked out of Target with tears brimming - mostly out of frustration that I had forgotten the coupon in the first place. And now I have a perfectly good coupon that I can't use (since I already filled a new prescription).

Ah well, perhaps that's the kick in the pants I needed so I won't forget again!

Friday, May 23, 2008

all about me

I've been tagged by Steph to complete this list describing myself. She tagged me more than a week ago, but I've been putting it off because, to tell you the truth, I'm not crazy about these types of things. I have a terrible time filling them out and usually feel by the end that I'm a pretty pathetic excuse for a human being. However, I finally got over myself enough to fill it out and post it. Here are the results:

I am…an artist wannabe.
I want…a soy latte.
I wish…that I loved to run.
I hate…bugs in my house, especially the unmentionables (roaches) which grow much too large in hot places.
I miss…the fields of Iowa and my family.
I fear…failure.
I feel…content.
I hear…baby Ainsley “talking” as she plays.
I smell…the glorious fresh air!
I crave…chocolate ice cream & fresh strawberries. (together of course!)
I search….for great bargains.
I wonder…at the miracle of a baby.
I regret…misplacing my favorite CD – Music from the Coffee Lands.
I love…rising early.
I ache…when my daughter cries.
I care…about my family.
I always…take a shower, even on Christmas morning.
I am not…a risk-taker.
I believe…that the grace of God is enough for me.
I dance…when I’m feeling giddy and silly.
I sing...when I’m alone.
I cry…most often when I’m extremely tired.
I don’t always…turn off the lights when I exit a room. I’m getting better, though!
I fight…rarely, but when I do, it is generally when I’m tired and over insignificant things.
I write…letters. Call me old-fashioned, but I still love snail mail more than email.
I never…floss. I really should start.
I listen…to the morning traffic reports on the way to work.
I need…the words of God throughout the day.
I am happy…with a cup of coffee in hand & sitting across the table from a good friend.

Now I'm tagging Emily!