Wednesday, September 19, 2007

two groups of people

A couple weeks ago, I was enjoying a lovely morning at Panera and saw a group of men who must have been having a Bible study. It was quite refreshing to see them discussing the Word and applying it to their lives. I was too far away to listen in but felt the common bond between believers in Christ. I love to see groups like this in the mornings because it gives me reason to believe that middle age & the real world (aka out of college) don't have to deflate one's love for Christ.

This morning, I had quite the opposite experience at the same establishment. While I was sitting in what I thought would be a secluded booth, a group of white haired women sat down at the large table nearby. At first I was pleased to have them sitting so close, so that I could, of course, overhear their conversation - which I was sure would be quite enlightening. I couldn't have been more disappointed. They expressed shock over a departing man's braided pony tail, related stories and concerns about friends and relatives, and discussed the cost of gas in the olden days. While it isn't wrong to sit around and chat about whatever, I was just hoping to hear something from them that would encourage me to stand strong in the faith.

I suppose I set myself up for disappointment this morning. And I suppose that I did learn something important by the absence of what I was hoping for. But I don't want to fall into that category in my old age. I want to be like the respected man of God who is still teaching seminary classes at 92 years old.

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