Saturday, February 27, 2010

summer is a comin'

I know what you Northerners are thinking - it's not even March yet! Here in Texas, though, we enjoy a very early Spring which is a full blown Summer by April or May. In fact, according to Texans, this winter has been unnaturally cold & snowy. (Just so you don't get too jealous, I'm sure we'll be having cold weather again in no time!)

All that to say - it is a gorgeous sunny day with temps in the mid 50's and it just feels like Spring & Summer are right around the corner. And Ainsley & I have spent the morning driving around with the windows down shopping for summery fabric, shorts & tanks for Ainsley, and beach toys. Almost as good as the wonderful weather is that I found all of this:

for less than $25!!


[be watching for a post about two new homemade summer dresses for Ainsley - I am quite excited about this!]


Anonymous said...

You and Allison are two peas in a pod. She can find the best things as garage sales and second hand stores like Goodwill. It pays to be thrifty. I am proud of you both. You do great. Such good Mommas. Grandma G

Keenan said...

oy, that's a lot of goods for a little moolah.
i'm happily looking forward to our 50 degree weather, too :(