Saturday, February 7, 2009

*NEW* Wildflower Bouquets

Last night I created a new type of bouquet for my note cards - the wildflower bouquet! I've painted them before, but it's been awhile and Keenan's request to see some reminded me of how much I like them. While they may not be exactly what you were thinking, Keenan, it's a step in that direction!

I listed two sets of two at my Etsy shop this morning. Here's a sneak peak:


Keenan said...

i like it! great colors and different combos of flowers ... looks great sis!

Kendra said...

wow that is so cool! i like them a lot! you're doing awesome sis! :)

Ashley Nicole said...

Kristen, I saw your cards through Kelly's blog and wondered--do you do special requests?? This is totally out there and probably too short notice anyway, but I didn't know if you would do graduation announcements with your beautiful flowers? If you're interested, feel free to email me at Your work is beautiful!