Monday, January 19, 2009

The Littlest Daisy

Well, guys, I finally did it - I found somewhere I could sell my cards. It's really a neat place to find all sorts of handmade items. Here's the link to my shop: I haven't gotten it fully set up yet, and there are only two listings so far, but please look anyway and tell your friends!

It has actually been quite the drama this week. I had a name all picked out and when I finally got up the nerve to register, the name had already been picked! Heath and I agonized over options for the rest of the day but to no avail. Then today, "The Littlest Daisy" just came to me and I love it! I think it's fun and it embodies my philosophy of sending cards to people. It doesn't always take a lot to cheer someone up or let them know they're special; even the littlest daisy will do wonders!

I'm nervous about whether or not this will be a success, but I won't know without trying. So here goes! Whatever the Lord wants to do with it, I'm ready!


Kendra said...

O yay! Kristen, I am soo happy for you! You have such a gift and it's great that you will be able to hopefully share it with others outside our family! I LOVE the name, it is perfect! I will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know about it... :)

Nate and Rosa said...

Wow! Good for you! I'll definitely tell people about it. The cards you make are awesome and you have such a wonderful talent.

Jules said...

I absolutely LOVE Etsy! They host sellers with the most fabulous vintage finds anywhere! Congratulations!

And you're right... for me, all it takes is a daisy and I'm good for the day! Looking forward to your handiwork, my friend!