Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Please help me!"

Now that Ainsley is able to sign "help", it seems that she does so very often. I haven't taken the time to count how many times in a day, but I would venture to guess at least 10 times just during one playtime. It is one of the sweetest things to see her struggling to open the Lego box, then look up at me, and pat her tummy (that's her sign for "help"). Oh and now she signs "thank you" after you help her, too! Oh the joys!!

I was contemplating these things this morning - how quick she is to ask for help, no matter what situation she is facing. Not only does she know how to ask, but she knows that I will respond favorably to her request. Most of the time my attitude is only as it should be - that I would LOVE to help her. But late in day, as my body slows down and my gracious attitude fades, I find that I am less eager to help her; though this does not prevent my helping her, my response time is significantly slower. While confessing this sin of selfishness this morning, a glorious thought appeared. The Lord, of who I ask many things, does not grow weary of my requests; no, He delights always to come to my aid. What a wonder!! This is a whole different view of His kindness than I have imagined before. He is infinitely kind, even to me, bumbling, selfish woman that I am. All praises and thanks to Him, the Father to whom I should run with every care or whim - for He cares for me.

How I desire to exemplify this kind of love to Ainsley, so that when she looks at me, she'll see the kindness of God instead.

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Kendra said...

i've always been told how quickly kids can pick up on sign language...apparently it's correct! :)