Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's in your cupboard?

RealSimple magazine has a neat section called "New uses for old things." Partially inspired by their creativity and partially by Ainsley's need for challenge & discovery, I started my own list of ways to use common household items as toys. It is in no way exhaustive nor do I claim to be the first to have thought of these things. Each day I think of something else, but I have not used all of these ideas yet. Feel free to both use my ideas and suggest your own!

  • Plastic kitchen serving/stirring spoon
  • Empty & clean individual size plastic juice bottle filled with pennies (or beads)
  • Empty, clear plastic hand soap dispenser filled with water (bath toy)
  • Nesting Tupperware containers
  • Tupperware container with a lid filled with pennies (or anything that makes noise)
  • Sponge & container to squeeze water into (bath toy)
  • Empty, clean diaper wipe container with a top that opens by pushing a button

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