Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fabric, Fabric

Before Ainsley was born, I got a hankering to make her a baby quilt. You've probably seen it in the background of pictures we've posted, but here's a better look at it. Well, sort of a better look. As I was getting ready to take the picture, Ainsley decided I was having way too much fun without her.

I made another one for a friend at church who had a baby girl this summer, but it was more of the typical girl blanket. I didn't think to take a picture of it, but I think it turned out very pretty. Then last week, I made a third - this time for a friend in Iowa who is due mid-October to have a baby girl. This one was especially fun because I took Ainsley to the fabric store with me to pick out fabric. She sat so big in her stroller and enjoyed looking at all the brightly colored fabric. Anyway, here's the finished product. (And a note: their theme is more green & yellow and animals than pink & purple, so that's the direction I went with their blanket.)

I tend to have creative spurts, mostly because it costs money (not a lot, but still money). So whenever I get an excuse to make something new, I run with it! After I thought of making the most recent quilt, it was finished in 2 days and in the mail within a week. The downside of that is I'm back to not having a project to work on! Actually, that's not true - I have some photos of Ainsley that need to be scrapbooked...perhaps I'll work on that tonight!


Keenan said...

so THIS is why the sewing machine breakdown was such a catastrophe ... these look great, sis!

Kendra said...

wow! you are soo creative! and so good at making blankets! when i have kids someday i'm definitely coming to you for my blankets! :) love you!