Friday, October 26, 2007

tag, you're it

Apparently, there is a grown up way to play tag that is less, shall we say, physically demanding. I have been tagged by my friend Kelly. The rules in this game are such:

For each letter of my middle name I must:
- share 1 unique characteristic about me and
- tag 1 person for each letter of my middle name.

Here goes....
my middle name is MARIE

M usic lover. I can't get enough of it!

A rtist wanna-be. Read my first post to find out more about this...

R eader. For lack of anything else interesting about me...I love to read all sorts of books.

I ntrovert. By this I mean that I would prefer to spend quality time with a few close friends than go to a huge and crazy party.

E xpert Nerts player. It's a two or more player very fast game of solitaire.

And now I am supposed to tage 5 people. The problem with this is I only know of about 5 people who are blogging, so I apologize for any double-tagging that may occur!

I choose Greg H (it's been awhile since you were tagged), Karen, Jenna, Emily S, and Keenan (you'll have to start blogging!).

(That was much easier than chasing kids around the blacktop and potentially falling, as much fun as that is.)


Keenan said...

haha you're gonna make me start blogging? pffft

Greg said...

Sorry - but for me to play another round of tag I would have to tag the people I know who are blogging, and I have already tagged all them. I think there is a rule against that:) So, I think I am exempt - at least until I can make some more friends.