Saturday, October 27, 2007

my down-home hair salon

This may sound arrogant, but I think I found the coolest hair salon in Dallas. Notice, though, that I did not say "the most upscale hair salon." The upscale salon is probably easier to find in this rich metropolitan city. My salon is only about a 7 minute drive from our apartment. It has a fun, family atmosphere where everyone seems to know each other; somehow, even though I know no one and should feel out of place, I feel strangely at home. It's a comfortable little salon with no pretentious decor. It's probably more likely that the furniture all came from a second-hand store down the street than a fancy Dallas store. That's what I love about it - it has character. All the stylists are Hispanic, as are many of the patrons, so there is very often a lovely mixture of Spanish and English coversation floating around. It seems that the majority of the customers are elderly women getting their weekly or bi-weekly hair setting. I think they're adorable! I love to just sit back and watch from my conveniently centered perch. And then there's my stylist. The first time I called for an appointment, not knowing who to ask for, she was the one with an open time slot. Her name is Rosie, and she is a hip Hispanic mother of 2 children. From my first apppointment with her, I have appreciated her ability to cut my hair quickly and exactly how I wanted it (that's a feat because I struggle to communicate exactly what I want). In fact, this morning I went in for my normal 2 month cut, and I walked out 15 minutes later completely satisfied with the result!

It probably was a combination of the early morning coolness and the wonderful fall smells that put me in such a great mood. But I still love everything about my hair salon - even the dirty floor, water spotted ceiling, and furniture with cracking paint. But especially, I love the people that I get to come in contact with; it's easier to believe that they are real people with real problems than any of the upscale mansion owners that I see.

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