Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the work of an Artist

Creation amazes me. Everything about it - the colors, shapes, designs, patterns, not to mention the sheer creativity of it all! What amazes me most about the work of the Creator is how easy it was for Him to create flawless masterpeices.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be an artist. I tried drawing and ended up with sickly horses and oddly proportioned people. I searched every craft book I could find on the bookshelf at the end of the hall, finding intriguing patterns for dollhouses made out of cardboard boxes and pretty containers covered with buttons, fabric, and paint. Sewing struck my fancy for a few years and I took up crossstitching, an easy quilt, and latch hook rugs. To my surprise, I actually did pretty well with all of those. I was encouraged, and stepping out on a limb, I tried my hand at one stroke painting. After hours of practice and paint splatters on a few of my favorite articles of clothing, I reached a point where I was happy with the finished product. I have dabbled in photography, pottery, scrapbooking, decorating the house. Yet the more I try, the more amazed I am with all I see in the world around me. Such preciseness, creativity, loving care, and order. Surely the earth displays the glory of the Lord!

My deepest hope is that my life will reveal the majesty of my King the way the rest of the created world does.

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Kendra said...

I totally agree Kristen! Creation is so amazing and to think that what we see is only a very, very, very small portion of all that God created! Although there are some very good artists out there, I truly believe that all of them are simply trying to imitate His work and none have truly captured it. The only true way to capture His creativity is to snap a picture and yet even then most of the quality and life of creation is lost in transfer. How small it makes me feel to think that He created me, everyone else, and everything in this world and the universe! Who am I to question or doubt His power? And yet with His awesome power comes amazing love for me, one small person in this gigantic world! Once again, who am I to question Him at all?