Monday, July 23, 2007

the (almost) distastrous haircut

Saturday morning Heath & I decided to tackle the somewhat overwhelming job of learning to cut his hair. Well, I was the one doing the cutting, but he was in charge of explaining what I ought to do. Despite his years of experience with getting his hair cut and his immense knowledge on the subject, the time arrived when he no longer knew exactly what I should do. The sticking point was the blending of the different lengths; he wasn't quite sure what the next step should be, and I had absolutely no idea. We were at a standstill...

...and enter one very emotional pregnant woman! The tears started flowing as my frustration grew with my lack of knowledge on the subject and a job half completed. Despite the seemingly impossible situation, everything ended up just fine, his hair looks pretty good (it'll be even better next time, I'm sure!), and we both learned a couple of things. Heath realized just how sensitive I am right now and how easily I'll cry! And in the midst of my obsessive perfectionism, I understood that learning something new rarely happens without failure. Experience is one of my greatest teachers!

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Keenan said...

haha should've left the hair half done :P it's totally the new look, he'd fit right in