Wednesday, July 25, 2007

midnight musings

Every night I am awoken several times by the nagging pain of nature's call. Additionally, somewhere between 5-7am, our kitty wakes me up with his piercing . I stagger upstairs with him perched in my arms somewhat precariously and give him a change of scenery in the bathroom. During these frequent nocturnal awakenings, I have started to wonder what it will be like to arise to a fussy or screaming baby who needs to be fed, changed, or just cuddled. Will I be immediately wide-awake, ready to fulfill my child's every need? Will I just stare in amazement at the precious child the Lord has given to us? Will I be reminded of the fragileness of life and our dependence on the Father by his or her tiny fingers and toes?

I guess you could say that my ideas of motherhood are still very idealistic. However unrealistic my thoughts may be, I'd like to believe that these "romantisized moments" are not so few and far between!

(I know that it's more likely that I'll be struggling to keep my eyes open and my thoughts coherent, just as I do now!)

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rkees said...

One little comment. Chances are good that you will not be immediately wide-awake, ready to fulfill your child's every need, although it is amazing how quickly you will react when they are older and you hear the "throw up" sound. Anyways, I hate to say it, but I must, you will never be immediately wide-awake--ever again. It is hard, but every minute (whether at 3am or 3pm) is worth it!