Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mark's Brothers Big World Coffee Roasters

My dear friends have started a coffee roasting business in the Dallas area. When my parents & brother were here visiting, we made a trip up to their location and bought some coffee beans. I was excited to try it because the descriptions on their website just sound amazing. The two I most wanted to try are the Ethiopia Sidamo, which is said to taste like blueberries, and the Sulawesi Torajaland, a bold coffee. So far, I have really enjoyed the Sulawesi Torajaland. This is a great coffee - bold & dark & great in the morning!
Greg also gave me a sample of the Tanzania Peaberry Songea; before I even read the description, I thought it tasted fruity. Yum!!

Seriously, if you like coffee, even a little, you should really try these coffees! Not only are they fabulously tasty, but the beans have been purchased at a fair price and roasted right. I love the "Big World" philosophy behind this business! Check out Mark's Brothers Big World Coffee Roasters website for all their info!!

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Horn herd mom said...

My favorite is the Sulawesi Torajaland. It is a great way to wake up in the morning. And I was amazed that you really could pick up the flavor of the blueberries in the Ethiopia Sidoma.