Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been asked what I decided to name the scarecrow I made. Well, the poll was not all that helpful because it ended as a three-way tie. But while my parents were visiting, Dad said he didn't vote but he liked "Mifflin"; Heath would have voted the same way. So, there you have it - Mifflin he is.

For those who are wondering where the name came from, I'll indulge your curiosity. George Mifflin Dallas, the Vice President under President Polk, was also the man for whom the city of Dallas was named. Fitting name for my scarecrow, I'd say, seeing as how Dallas is where we are living!


Kendra said...

yay! i totally voted for Mifflin. love it! a great name for a scarecrow!

Keenan said...

uhhhh, i think i missed something. lol