Friday, May 23, 2008

all about me

I've been tagged by Steph to complete this list describing myself. She tagged me more than a week ago, but I've been putting it off because, to tell you the truth, I'm not crazy about these types of things. I have a terrible time filling them out and usually feel by the end that I'm a pretty pathetic excuse for a human being. However, I finally got over myself enough to fill it out and post it. Here are the results:

I am…an artist wannabe.
I want…a soy latte.
I wish…that I loved to run.
I hate…bugs in my house, especially the unmentionables (roaches) which grow much too large in hot places.
I miss…the fields of Iowa and my family.
I fear…failure.
I feel…content.
I hear…baby Ainsley “talking” as she plays.
I smell…the glorious fresh air!
I crave…chocolate ice cream & fresh strawberries. (together of course!)
I search….for great bargains.
I wonder…at the miracle of a baby.
I regret…misplacing my favorite CD – Music from the Coffee Lands.
I love…rising early.
I ache…when my daughter cries.
I care…about my family.
I always…take a shower, even on Christmas morning.
I am not…a risk-taker.
I believe…that the grace of God is enough for me.
I dance…when I’m feeling giddy and silly.
I sing...when I’m alone.
I cry…most often when I’m extremely tired.
I don’t always…turn off the lights when I exit a room. I’m getting better, though!
I fight…rarely, but when I do, it is generally when I’m tired and over insignificant things.
I write…letters. Call me old-fashioned, but I still love snail mail more than email.
I never…floss. I really should start.
I listen…to the morning traffic reports on the way to work.
I need…the words of God throughout the day.
I am happy…with a cup of coffee in hand & sitting across the table from a good friend.

Now I'm tagging Emily!

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alan & steph flies said...

awww.. I love it! Thanks Kristen. I have to admit - I'm not a huge fan for stuff like this either; however, you certainly do get to know someone a little better. Hope all is well.