Thursday, December 13, 2007


Some friends recently introduced me to this great hippopotamus Christmas song. They couldn't believe that I'd never heard it before. In case you also fall into that category, I've included a link of a You Tube version of the song below.

I think this song is particuarly entertaining for a couple of reasons. First, the pronunciation of "hippopotamusses" cracks me up! Isn't it so like kids to be convinced that they're saying it right, but really be so wrong? But it doesn't even matter because it is so cute! I'm telling you, kids are the only ones who can get away with horrible grammar and pronunciations.

My parents tell me that when I was young (but still much older and wiser than my little brother), one such situation occurred. Keenan was asking for more "sghetti"; I firmly corrected him saying, "it's not 'sghetti', it's 'p-sghetti'!" And of course in my stubborn little mind, I was absolutely right!

The other reason I like the hippo song is because it accentuates how children can get obsessed with something and be absolutely sure that it would work out. I remember telling my parents that of course there was room for a horse to live in our backyard! (and I still think, why not? it'd be so much fun!)


Emily said...

There is something about that song that makes me think of Megan.

Kristen said...

I can see that... :)

Keenan said...

more sghetti please :)

Horn herd mom said...

That is one of my kids absolute favorite songs--especially my son John. They all have it memorized and it is becoming a Christmas tradition for them to have a family chorus of it each year.