Sunday, November 25, 2007

a little Thanksgiving, a little Christmas

Our day of thanksgiving was spent at one of my co-workers' house. The day promised to be entertaining and comfortable with the company consisting of my co-worker, his wife and 2 college age boys, their air force friend, and my co-worker's wife's niece from Korea and her 3 friends. We watched a little football, played a little Wii, ate too much food, talked and laughed a lot, and generally had a wonderful time!

Saturday was our day to pick out the Christmas tree and get out all of the holiday decorations. I was incredibly excited and made plans to cook the extra turkey in our refrigerator. However, morning brought with it a messy, dreary, rainy day. And then began the deliberations on whether or not we'd go ahead with our plans. We decided to take the risk and went to Home Depot to pick out the perfect tree. Since it was raining, though, we were some of the very few who wanted to stand outside and look at the trees - shocking, I know. Even the sales associates were nowhere to be found. Seriously, it took the customer service lady about 10 minutes and 3 or 4 intercom calls to get someone with a coat on up to the front of the store to help us! (The gate around the trees was locked, thus necessitating us waiting for the sales associate.) Finally, we followed the rather unwilling Home Depot dude out to the tree lot and began our search. It didn't take too long because we were quite cold and getting wetter by the minute. We found the perfect tree, got it wrapped and in the car, and went home.

Heath cut off the lower branches and got it set up in our living room to let it dry for awhile before we began decorating. In the meantime, I made some stuffing and sweet potatoes, put my first turkey in the oven, and rested after all that work!

I'm not sure why the kitty is so exhausted, but I sure was tired!

Later that evening, we had a wonderful time decorating with Christmas music playing and our bellies full of Thanksgiving goodies. Truly we have a lot for which to give thanks!

Our first turkey turned out very yummy! I think the turkey bag and some advice from my mom saved the day!

Didn't it turn out pretty?

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