Wednesday, August 1, 2007

north, south...which way?

My husband can get himself pretty much anywhere from wherever he is, even if he forgets to look at a map. He has a sort of internal compass that doesn't necessarily point North (reference to Pirates of the Caribbean), but somehow he ends up where he wants to be...every time! I have given up trying to figure out where his magic wand is hidden and now I just am amazed by his obvious ability!

I, on the other hand, am completely lost if I don't:

1. know the street name that I am on
2. know the street name that I am headed to
3. know some landmarks along the route
4. have a map in my hand
5. understand the general layout of North,South,East,West in relationship to the streets & destination that I am working with

So you see, Heath has the better deal here. He needs basically zero information to survive, while I need one of those GPS systems strapped to me!

As long as I'm with him, we'll arrive at our destination. That's really why I married him! :)

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